View of the hall down the left side

View of the back of the hall

View across the right of the hall

The start of games coming into the show

Me (Doug) aka kansaspinball helping Norm Kiser unload

Norm Kiser and his great assortment of EM's and even a gun game!

Scott Jeno bringing in a High Speed and Getaway plus others

Elva Windsor..Vern's wife and former Playboy Bunny!

Bob Herbison from Texas Pinball Festival came to help!!

Norm, myself and Bob helping Norm set up his pins

John Glennon (kansascitypinball) and myself help Dana Poore set up his Diner

Pins from Scott Jeno of KC Video

Fantastic assortment of games from Norm Kiser (Moberly MO)

Assortment of games from John Glennon

John and I setting up my Cue Ball Wizard next to his row of games

John probably telling me what to do...sigh...

Christine Miorin (Carrolton TX and winner of EM tournament)

Example of van backed into the hall to unload

Great idea....teach the young ones to love pinball!!!

KC Video's booth with jukeboxes, touchscreens, redemtion, etc

Tina Curtis, Derek Fugate, DWGoett, MikeO

Games from Todd nearest camera

A few video games

Joe Palmentere games - Star Wars, Flintstones, NBA Fastbreak

Games from BJ Cunningham

Games from John Glennon (

More from John Glennon

Vern Windsor playing a Scared Stiff from Scott Jeno (KC Video)

This picture speaks volumes!!

Becky (my wife) playing a great old game from BJ Cunningham

Another shot of the game and Becky

Dan Goett (DWGoett) booth for

Dan Goett's booth. Great Hook and Time Machine.

Dan Goett's Time Machine

Tim Zollner's great looking Fireball home version

Dan's Gameplan Hook. Very nice pin.

BJ Cunningham's really cool pitch and bat.

More of Norm Kiser's EM pins.

Gun game from Norm Kiser

I think the last in the line of Norm Kiser's unique games

Game from Scott Jeno

Scott Jeno's Getaway

Scott Jeno's High Speed

Nitro Ground Shaker from Scott Jeno

Dracula from Don Brownback

Dolly from Todd

Silverball Mania from Todd

Mata Hari from Todd

Don Brownback's Space Invaders

Scared Stiff from Scott Jeno

Vern's Demo Man

Joe Palmentere and myself

Jason Scheffelmaer, Joe Palmentere and myself

John Glennon's Dragon

John Glennon's Hi Deal (EM Tournament game)

Vern's Frontier in beautiful shape

Dana Poore's Diner....I had never seen a Diner pin before

John Eidson's No Fear (One of the tournament games)

Beautiful and restored North Star owned by MikeO

Beaufifully restrored Joker Poker owned by MikeO

Wow, EM version of Close Encounters owned by Derek Fugate

Joe Palmentere's Star Wars

Head to head Space Invaders cocktail owned by Norm Kiser

Zekes Peak owned by Scott Jeno

Centipede owned by Scott Jeno

Mario Bros owned by Don Brownback

Asteroids owned by Todd Svec

Flintstones owned by Joe Palmentere

Barbed Wire owned by Derek Fugate

NBA Fastbreak from Joe Palmentere

Breakshot owned by John Glennon

Bally Hoo pinball owned by Don Brownback and displayed at registration table

El Toro given away during raffle drawing

Me absolutely exhausted at 1AM......ugh...

My Cue Ball Wizard (One of the tournament games)

Super Spin owned by BJ Cunningham (One of the tournament pins)

Me presenting Zach Sharpe winning 3rd place, 50.00 and a plaque and free t-shirt

Me presenting Chris Newsom winning 2nd, 150.00 and a plaque and a free t-shirt

Me presenting Don Brownback winning 500.00, a plaque and free t-shirt

Curt Laven getting a plaque for his help with Flipfest

Carol Walker winner of the women's tournament

Christine Miorin winner of the EM tournament

Derek Fugate and Tina Curtis playing in the blindfolded tournament

Don Brownback and MikeO winners of the blindfolded tournament