Working on the Whitewaters to qualify on

Flipfest registration table

My wife Becky ready for machines to be set up

I am bringing in the very first game for Flipfest from Norm Kiser

Qualifying and tournament area

Another shot of the Expo Center

Setting up the Whitewaters for qualifying

Becky preparing the tournament spreadsheets

John Glennon setting up his pins

Registration table with our helpers

Raffle prize

Chad Keller talking to MikeO

Bob from Texas Pinball Festival playing that unique pitch and bat

Chad and Curt setting up the Whitewaters for qualifying

Shot of cars pulled right into the Expo Center to unload

Becky, Norm, Scott Jeno, and Joey Palmentere

Battling it out on the EM tournament on Hi Deal

Example of the plaques we gave out.

MikeO and Don Brownback - Winners of blindfolded tourney

Tournament spreadsheet displayed with LCD projector

Tournament qualifyers waiting for directions

Trent Augenstein watching Tim Zollner play World Cup Soccer in tourney

Waiting to play in the tournament

Chad Keller's booth with his pins for sale

More of Chad Keller's games

Dan Goett and I talking. Notice webcam taped to right stop of monitor.

Becky and I getting an award for our help with Flipfest

Vern getting an award for NOT spilling pop in John Glennon's truck again!!

The Yowells - Winner of the El Toro raffle!