Medieval Madness Castle Custom Paint Job

I felt the castle in Medieval Madness was destined for a better paint job in the beginning but may have been ditched due to cost. I decided to do a custom paintjob on the castle, roof, skulls, chains, rat, rocks, roots and anything else I could think of. Check it out!

First, notice in the picture below how the skulls just fade into the surrounding plastic. I will fix that!
Below is a picture to illustrate how I painted the skulls white and then accented the cracks and shadows with gray acrylic paint.

Roof of the castle needs attention

The original roof of the tower was a dull black color. See picture below for original roof color.
I'm not sure of authenticity, but I felt giving it brown shake shingles would be more appealing. See picture below for the change.
Pictured below, a couple more close-up shots of the front of the castle with the skulls, ropes, chains etc painted.

Painting the rest of the castle

After painting the skulls and the roof, it was time to move onto other items. Shown below is a full view of the finished castle.
Below, I have included pictures showing the painted areas. Moss/algae was painted under the left skull, on the castle door, under the right skull and on the ground on both sides. The moss/algae was a combination of deep Green Permanent and light green permanent acrylic paint.. Stones have a neutral gray color and the ground is neutral gray/black mix. I darkened up the skulls a bit to make them a bit dirtier and weathered looking. I was told they looked too white and I agreed. The rat, spears, spear-skulls, ladder, and roots were painted.
Below are a couple of pictures showing a view a little further away. The close-up pictures make the paint look really messy. But, from afar, the colors mix together to give the effect I was looking for. I wanted a mud ground with smooth rocks reflecting the sun yet around their base, the moss/algae had taken root and is growing in the shade.
The next picture shows a top-down view to try and give a better idea of how the colors meld together for a good effect.
The pictures below illustrate the painted castle tower all ready to go. I used raw sienna and burnt umber to give the effect of shake shingles. I used a downward brushstroke along with raw sienna for the shingles and the burnt umber to give it the shadows and weathered look. I also painted more burnt umber on the right sides to give the effect of the sun being to the left and casting shadows on the right. On the right, you will see the kitchen table I have taken over. Lots of MM parts from Bay Area and Marco ready to be installed. The ramps are from Ben Wagner and you can see Jason Rufer's MM Castle Gate in the upper left by the new dragon.

 I have a new castle front ordered from Marco. I did this because the next owner may want an original Medieval Madness and I want to be able to take my castle out and restore it with an NOS castle.

This finished the castle painting project. I was very happy with the way it turned out and hopefully, it gave you ideas on how to change your castle from the boring drab grey to a more realistic castle of the era.
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