Welcome to my Creature from the Black Lagoon page showing a few pictures of my game in the process of being cleaned.

Click on the pictures below to see a super-sized photo of each picture. You will have to hit your back-button to see click the next photo.


This next set of pictures shows a series of shots highlighting my changes to the bulbs in the game (normal and flashers) to colored versions.


Click on the picture below to see how I used a heat gun on a plastic to allow me to pre-bend it before installing it in the game. The reason I am showing this is because there are a couple of plastics in the Creature game that when installed, are bent upwards. This over time, causes them to crack and break. With the heat gun, I softened the plastic and then quickly put it in the game. With it soft, it took the shape it needed to and then cooled/hardened in that shape. The picture below shows the plastic retaining it's form without being stressed.


This last set of pictures below shows how I changed the pop-bumper skirts and caps, as well as the upper lane guides and posts, to a more pleasing color of teal. I think the teal color better matches the theme of the game than the original oranges and reds that were used.

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