Medieval Madness Shopped Pictures

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Cleaned ramp area and flashers changed to painted red #89's. Toll flaps are new and I put mylar over each one for protection.
Touched up area at the upper rollover lane area. Acrylic paints used to touch up rollover lanes and Knight's lance and foot.
Before shot of worn playfield paint due to kick-out damage. Post shot of touched up foot and lance using acrylic paint.
Area near rollover lanes and under ramp area cleaned. Under ramp and castle area cleaned.
Pop bumpers re-built and area cleaned. Under Peasant ramp cleaned.
New targets and area in front of them all clean. Wide shot of upper playfield area rebuilt and some parts mylared.

Below are pictures illustrating changes I made to some of the parts for protection. Also some parts install pictures.

Picture of the inside of the drawbridge with new decal. Picture of the new outside decal of the drawbridge.
Mylar added to the lower portion of drawbridge where ball hits. Mylar added to inside of drawbridge where balls roll.
The above picture shows the beat up drawbridge on the left (hammered metal), and new drawbridge on the right (pristine rivets).
Picture of drawbridge assembly prior to re-installation from below. Drawbridge assembly aligned and ready for screws.
Drawbridge assembly now screwed into place. Final screw location needed to keep assembly from moving.
Final screw installed and the drawbridge assembly is now installed. Just hook up the connectors under the playfield for motor power etc.

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