Welcome to the section of my Creature from the Black Lagoon pages that covers the ramp and bowl lamp color change mod.

I believe a subtle, yet effective mod for this game is to change from filtering clear bulbs through colored plastics, to adding red, green, or blue bulbs which adds to the color richness. A quick change that is much more effective in my opinion.

This mod is not my creation but that of two great pinball collectors - Cliffy Rinear and Steve Charland. They pioneered this mod by dipping their bulbs in a coloring solution and then baking the color onto the lamps. Because of their efforts, suppliers have now stepped up to the plate and offer the #86 bulbs pre-colored. Terry offers these at Pinball Life.

The picture below shows some boxes of the ramp bulbs when they come in the mail. I believe Terry hand-paints these lamps so give him a round of applause!!






I will post a small photo-gallery of the process I went through to change the bulbs. But, I would like to show a quick little mod I made to stop the wire ramp from scratching my brand new swirl ramp. I took a normal pinball rubber and cut out a short piece. I used my dremel and drilled out the middle section. I then placed this rubber protector...of sorts, over the metal piece that scratched the original ramp. Here are some pictures.


Below, I have posted some pictures showing the process of me replacing the lamps in the bowl and swirl ramp.

To top things off, I am posting a video of the green lamps in action. This video also shows colored lamps in the signs near the ramps as well as the red lamps I placed under the K I S S inserts to make them show red.


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